• Graeme


    Despite having no tattoos, long hair or facial cysts, Graeme, aka Mr Friendly, has unexpectedly found himself at the forefront of a bass assault.

    Caught between the blurred lines of a guitarist's instincts and self indulgence, he wrestles with the bass in a battle of good versus evil, or, low notes versus high notes in a quest for melodic treasures.

  • Leo

    Vocals, Guitar

    Leopoldo d'Acropolis was born long ago, in a time when emotions weren't invented. Now, in a world determined to understand itself, he cannot remain silent but must speak out against his own assuredness.

    Can you help to unravel the certainty of doubt that corrupts all belief?

  • Dan


    Hits things.

    Would love to party with Alfred Jarry and Claudia Claire.